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I build violins, violas and cellos according to classical models by Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati, Montagnana and Goffriller as well as personal models. At the customer's request, other preferred models can be built.


The violin is a small but powerful instrument, sophisticated and versatile, with a sonorous and emotional sound.

Viori maestru și atelier lutier Claudiu Mare - vezi galeria de instrumente


The viola is a distinctive sounding instrument that adds texture and depth to music.

Viole maestru lutier Claudiu Mare - vezi galeria de instrumente


The powerful and lively sound of the cello adds emotion and drama to the music.

Violoncel maestru lutier Claudiu Mare - vezi galeria de instrumente

Claudiu Mare instruments:

They are instruments built entirely by hand, from natural dry wood over 30 years old, from paltin and resonance spruce from the Carpathian Mountains, wood species that we know are among the most valued in the construction of stringed instruments, along with those from Bosnia and Italy .

Varnishing is usually done with oil-based varnishes, with natural pigments, and the accessories and strings are of a diversity meant to cover a wide range of preferences.

Different colors, shades can be executed according to customers' preferences, also some details of shape, size and other technical data can be set together.

Workshop instruments

The high demand on the market, for an intermediate range of quality, made it necessary to produce this range with a very competitive quality-price ratio.

They are controlled step by step, at each work phase, and details related to the sound like modeling the shape of the face and back, the resistance bar, the placement of the f's are done personally. Varnishing, mounting, position of the pop is done the same as in the first category.